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BART Patient Liaison GroupIn December 2014 we set up a Patient Liaison Group in the Primary Joint Unit so we could get a better understanding of the patient’s perspective. The aim is to help further improve the patient experience and also help guide our future research studies. The group is funded by BART.

The Patient Liaison Group meets every three months at Musgrave Park Hospital for a morning or an afternoon. At the meeting there are up to eight patients along with two or three members of staff from the Primary Joint Unit who may be surgeons, nurses, physiotherapists or researchers. The Group is very informal and discusses different aspects of our care and research. So far it has been a huge success with patients giving advice on patient education booklets, future research studies and their own personal experiences of their operation and recovery.

Is this something you or a member of your family who has experience in helping you through your joint replacement might be interested in helping us with? BART will cover your travel expenses.

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